Groundhog Day !


a verbal magic trick August 4, 2007

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three friends finish lunch at a cafe and the waiter brings the bill. its £30 so each diner pays £10.

when the waiter gives the money to the manager, the manager realises theyve paid the wrong bill. that table’s bill should be £25,  so he gives the waiter 5 one pound coins to give them as change.  the till is now correct, the diners have paid £25 for their meal.

on the way back to the table the waiter pockets two of the five £1 coins, then distributes the remaining three £1 coins one to each of the three diners, apologising for the mistake.

As three diners have paid £9 each for their meal, and the waiter has £2, and we know that 3×9=27, +2=29.  who has the missing £1 ?


batteries July 22, 2007

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why do manufacturers still make items requiring type C or D batteries, rather than just AAs (or even AAAs)?


Street-level views via internet maps… June 21, 2007

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Just as you may think the online maps view of the world is pretty amazing, then Google steps it up again with Google Street View (which as reported by the london paper is in some cases too intrusive) and of course there’s too, taking you through the streets …



Digital Radio

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How many times have you heard a song on the radio then made a mental note to download the song later?  

Will digital radio eventually give you the ability to buy the song you just heard on-air? .. when you click the big ‘BUY’ button then the song then downloads to a mp3 store on the device?  


Roller Coaster May 7, 2007

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Is California Screaming in Disney’s California Adventure the best roller coaster in the world?   Sure, it’s not the fastest, highest, most upside down, wettest, darkest, twistiest, or probably anything-est in terms of scary – but with the mix of all those ingredients and more blended to perfection; it’s the only roller coaster where everyone I saw leaving the ride was smiling and buzzing and pretty much all saying they are going on it again.  Best in the world? Certainly the best we’ve encountered so far if measured in terms of overall enjoyment.  And if you’re not going on these rides for enjoyment, then what’s the point?


x factor March 20, 2007

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I got nagged by the kids into going to see the x factor at Wembley, so we got some decent seats at the front and went along. And a great evening was had by all.

Ben was great entertainment – connecting to the audience (to the extent of jumping offstage to touch hands). Assuming his own material is ok (haven’t heard it yet) then on the face of what Ive seen I’d expect him to be the one with the longest shelf life in terms of a live performing music career apres the X. 

Leane sang really well. Actually that’s a real understatement. After a spot of mic trouble (?) in the first song, not a duff note to be heard. I just question whether her apparent shyness between songs (rather than an onstage personality such as Ben) will endear her to people long term?

Ray easily got the biggest screams of the night but imho really needs to enunciate his words – unless he really was singing a song called “danci to the jay ha ro”. But the yoof of today loved it and he’s certainly a very popular lad at this point!


Eton Road were surprisingly professional, comfortable and hardworking on stage, but why the hell is that strange looking bloke in there? The other guys work hard and can carry a tune, but how does strange bloke wailing add anything good to the mix????

Oh no. From the above it is clear that I’ve reached the point in life that i dont “understand” the music the kids are listening to nowadays….   SO to finish off, let me just say bring back “proper” music like we had in my day!  Yes, bring back the stranglers clash and pistols. 🙂


google maps and then some March 4, 2007

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Based on an entirely unscientific straw poll conducted last night, whereas google maps is ubiquitous, the birds eye view at maps.msn / is still fairly unknown in the general public.